Request Forms

RebelX provides 32 GPUs (NVIDIA A40 and NVIDIA A100) for research and 16 GPUs (NVIDIA A30) for education.
ONLY UNLV advisors, faculty, or instructors can submit the form (NO individual request is allowed). Students should ask their advisor or course instructors to create accounts. Use UNLV email address for all requestor/users, if applicable.
Please read user agreement below before requesting accounts and submit an appropriate form for your purpose (research or education).
*** For educational request, you need to submit all user list as excel file. Please be prepared as followed format:
user agreement
• This agreement may be revised from time to time.
• GPU Cluster is utilized for the purpose of education and academic research only and prohibited from personal or commercial use.
• Users are not allowed to modify any configurations, and if so, admin will stop further experiments or jobs, which would result in suspension of account.
• Users are not allowed to share an account with anyone else. Users might change the password and are recommended to keep it confidential.
• Admins are not responsible for unexpected situations, such as power-down issues that occur where the cluster is located. And there can be a failure of use when the whole cluster system is under maintenance.
For users of research purpose,
• I agree that I will add the following sentence in the acknowledgement for the publication of studies using this GPU cluster: “We acknowledge NSF MRI (#2117941) for GPU Cluster support.”