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unlv GPU Cluster


UNLV GPU Cluster (named RebelX) is now fully available for A.I. research and education. GPU Cluster, supported by NSF MRI (#2117941), provides high-performance computing resources of 48 GPUs, including 16 * NVIDIA A30, 16 * NVIDIA A40, and 16 * NVIDIA A100. RebelX is available for any A.I. research (mainly for deep learning-based projects) and education at UNLV and Las Vegas Community. We are happy to provide the computing resources to you.

– 09/22/2023 UNLV TODAY

How to use it ?

REquest account

request account for research, or, education

read tutorials

go to the tutorials and read it

go to Jupyterhub

go to the RebelX JupyterHub and start it


GPU Cluster is supported by NSF MRI (#2117941).
If you are using the GPU Cluster for research purposes, please note that there is an anckowledgement:
“I agree that I will add the following sentence in the acknowledgement for the publication of studies using this GPU cluster: “We acknowledge NSF MRI (#2117941) for GPU Cluster support”

LET’S Go to the

rebelX jupyterHub