Before you request,

  • Only UNLV Advisor or Faculty of responsibility need to submit the form (NO individual request is allowed)
  • If applicable, use UNLV email address for all requestor/users
  • Click the link below to submit a request form based on your needs

For RESEARCH purpose,

  • One request form must be submitted per person
  • There is an acknowledgement:
    I agree that I will add the following sentence in the acknowledgement for the publication of studies using this GPU cluster: “We acknowledge NSF MRI (#2117941) for GPU Cluster support”
  • The created account will be directed to user’s UNLV email
  • For research purpose, 16 numbers of NVIDIA A40 Tensor Core GPU and 16 numbers of NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU are available

For EDUCATION purpose,

  • Requestor needs to submit all user list as an excel file with the information as followed: RebelX User List for Educational Request
  • The list of accounts created will be directed to the requestor’s UNLV email
  • User ID will be deactivated/deleted after 3 months of a project or course completion
  • For education purpose, 16 numbers of NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPU are available