Log In

1)   Go to the RebelX JupyterHub and login with your username and password
a. If your account is for research purposes, your account will be sent to you via UNLV email.
b. If your account is for education purposes, your account will be sent to your lecturer. Please ask.
2)   Only the UNLV in-campus network is allowed to connect to the RebelX
a. VPN is required if off-campus.

Create Virtual Environment

Python virtual environment gives you the ability to isolate your python projects from the system. So, users can install and manage their own set of packages or create projects in different versions independently.


SLURM is an open-source resource manager. It helps to organize and schedule the multiple jobs from multiple users.
By submitting a job script via SLURM, your job will be scheduled in order and efficiently.
To submit a job script, you need to have your own virtual environment, shell script for SLURM, and your python file for the project.